Cloud Hosting firm Rackspace Moves Public Cloud to OpenStack Platform
Rackspace says it's launched the very first major public cloud powered by the OpenStack free cloud platform
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Cloud host company Rackspace announced late Tuesday night that its public cloud products Cloud Servers and Cloud Databases - area of the group of tools collectively known as The Rackspace Cloud - are now available worldwide around the OpenStack free cloud platform.
The brand new goods are being delivered plus a new user control panel incorporating several new server searching and menu enhancements to ease navigation.
Rackspace says the announcement delivers on a promise the organization designed to slowly move the Rackspace Cloud - the second-largest public cloud on the planet, serving a lot more than 180,000 customers and running on more than 79,000 Rackspace servers - to the OpenStack open source cloud platform, which the company launched along with NASA and a few other key contributors in 2010, and has helped to shepherd since.
Within the press release announcing the move, Rackspace calls it "the first time any company has deployed a large-scale open source public cloud powered by OpenStack."
For purchasers, the move will mean new users will see services deployed on the OpenStack platform. Rackspace says existing customers can move to the brand new platform in their own pace. Many customers have had the chance to migrate to OpenStack cloud services already, because the company tested and rolled out the service.
Performance-wise, Rackspace says the important thing difference the new platform will ship to users may be the speed that the OpenStack can deploy new servers - 25 times faster than you are on the prior platform. A customer can deploy up to 200 new cloud servers in 20 minutes, says Rackspace.
OpenStack is essential to Rackspace Cloud Strategy
OpenStack is a answer to Rackspace's strategic position, and a major focus of the development at the company. Discussing the OpenStack platform throughout the Rackspace Q1 earnings release in may, CEO Lanham Napier called deploying OpenStack the business's "number-one product development milestone in 2012."
As a major competitor in a public cloud market still dominated in share of the market by Amazon, Rackspace recognized the significance of encouraging technology service providers and the developers along with other organizations that use their services to standardize around a cloud platform apart from Amazon's, which threatened to become the de-facto standard by virtue of its popularity.
Rackspace would welcome a global where the cloud standardized around OpenStack, since the company's value proposition happens to be the distinctive quality of its support and customer service - a means through which it can still distinguish itself among standardized cloud services.
The organization has witnessed lots of success in the promotion of the OpenStack platform and community. Rackspace recently noticed that the OpenStack project has more code contributors than Linux did in the same reason for its development.
"The new Open Cloud is placed to change the marketplace by offering an alternative to the proprietary clouds of other major providers. Amongst other things, this means that cloud users convey more choice and adaptability and our customers can avoid costly vendor lock-in. Our new open cloud is production-ready at scale and open to thousands of customers," says Nigel Beighton Rackspace VP of technology, quoted within the press release.
Rackspace Driving OpenStack Adoption Industry-Wide
Rackspace says customers can pick to deploy private, public or hybrid cloud services on the new OpenStack powered services, adding the free platform offers customers the flexibility to deploy servers in a Rackspace data center or elsewhere.
With the launch of several recent services, Rackspace has been encouraging enterprises to deploy OpenStack themselves, in their own individual facilities, offering assistance by means of Rackspace Cloud Builders, a Red Hat style paid management service for OpenStack (without the specific flavor of the software), and of Rackspace Advisory Services, a cloud computing consultancy designed to help enterprises migrate towards the cloud.
Talk back: Is the OpenStack public cloud a good move for Rackspace? Do you have a stake within the OpenStack community? Are you using OpenStack or some some of it in your own environment? Are you planning to? Tell us in the comments section.
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