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Thread: Would I be correct in suggesting hosting is pretty much hosting now?

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    Would I be correct in suggesting hosting is pretty much hosting now?

    I mean, it seems like all hosts are pretty much the same unless you buidl sites that handle some major traffic. Is this right?

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    My feeling is that's true --- until it's not true.
    If something goes wrong (and when you're relatively new at this, things can go wrong pretty easily - since you're not sure how to fix them), the quality of tech support is crucial to my mind. If you call tech support about a problem and the person taking the call doesn't know much more than you do --- or if you submit a ticket to tech support and three days later you're still waiting for a response...........................
    ......you'll think differently about hosts all being the same.
    (Incidentally, both of those have happened to me in the last six months, as I've tried a number of different hosts during that time. Frustrating would be putting it very mildly.)

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