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Thread: Can You Make Money With PPC?

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    Can You Make Money With PPC?

    As the headline suggests, can you make money with PPC? I didn't and I don't know anyone who has. I think it is just a big drain for google to make money. Everytime they post record earnings, I just laugh. I know some of that money was mine at one time.

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    Its we can easily make money through PPC but need hard work and great perfection. Here are some important tips to follow for making money through PPC
    1. Google Adwords, Bing , Yahoo!, Mobile PPC etc are platform to do affiliated marketing. So choose any platform and stick to it.
    2. Always keep a complete detail about your platform to stay on the top of the industry and for successful affiliate marketing
    3. Do different type of testing as you can and do it quickly

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    There's a lot of people who make quite a bit of profit running PPC campaigns, otherwise no one would do it.

    The key is to test a lot of variables and keep tracking statistics. It also takes a bit if money to burn while optimizing your campaign during testing.
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    If you're going to give Google Adwords a try, be sure to bring your wallet. The chances of making money at the start are around the same as the chances of hitting one of those million dollar jackpots in Las Vegas - until you try, try and try --- and test, test and test --- you'll end up losing your shirt and giving up before you get anywhere. A better idea is to try one of the very cheap PPC options, so that you get your program and methods down pat. Then, you can think about playing with the big boys.

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